6 top reasons why your business should invest in an Android Application

By StartxLabs
Date 17-11-17
6 top reasons why your business should invest in an Android Application
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In today’s scenario markets are facing cut-throat competition owing to the global connectivity and the ever increasing expectations of the consumers. In order to satiate the needs of customers, businesses have to compete with others and need to come up with the different ways to please the customers. Amongst all the different ways mobile applications (android apps & iPhone apps) are proving to be an efficient and cost-effective tool for various businesses.


Mobile applications seem laden with potential for both the large businesses and the small businesses in their own particular and prominent ways. A well envisioned, structured and robust mobile application can very well prove to be the boost up and take the business to the next level.

The below article describes six reasons how a business can benefit by using the mobile application:


-It's a digital revolution

As companies and organizations adapt to suit society’s love for digital, business models and company cultures are undergoing some heavy change.

A custom-made app can make all the difference in these scenarios, resulting in a much smoother transition. Create buy-in from your employees for big cultural initiatives or introduce a valuable digital tool to support a new business model. Whatever the need, there's a personalized app that can be built to help your business.


-Influence your customers

Ever wished you could influence your consumer behavior. Well, with an app, now you can!

Create valuable customer habits that help boost your business. Take some big household app names - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. They've all established a unique service and encouraged strong user habits. If your business model relies on consumer habits, then an app could mean you're onto a winner.


-Custom built, just for your business

The whole point of a customised app is that it's built just for you.

It's fit for purpose, has features that fit your company like a glove. Best of all? Nobody else will have it, so it's your unique selling point.


-Just in Time

The digital revolution might have got a bit of a bad rap but it's actually generated a whole heap of opportunity.

With the help of digital, things that once seemed impossible are now totally do-able. When your customers start using your app, you get access to a vault of valuable information. Imagine this - when Joe Bloggs is approaching your business, you get an alert. That means you can prepare for his arrival, get a lowdown on his customer profile and customize his experience for when he walks through the door. Fancy, huh?!


-That's entertainment

At the very least, an app delivers a fun and engaging experience for your customers.

Apps don't always have to be built for super serious reasons. Maybe you want to give back to your customers while showing off your brand personality. Games and entertainment apps are a brilliant platform for this and are guaranteed to put a smile on your audience's faces.


-Memorable Experiences

It's all about the entire package and what lasting memory you leave with your customers.

An app can enhance your entire customer experience and encourage longer engagement times with your brand. If your app gives your consumer experience that certain 'quality', then you'll have the edge over your competitors.



Mobile apps are not only the cheaper means to communicate with the customers but they also provide irresistible and irreversible advantages for all sorts of business. They help the business to run more swiftly and help in attracting a wider range of customers.


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