How to hire the perfect app development company for your product idea.

By StartxLabs
Date 23-10-17
How to hire the perfect app development company for your product idea.
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The stereotype of the tech startup founder is a geek locked into a room with fluorescent lighting banging away on a keyboard. If you are not a coder but dream of starting a tech business, there is hope for you.


Let's put it this way, Jack Ma of Alibaba never wrote a single line of code of his website, and never used a computer until he was 33. Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) is also not a programmer. Neither is Richard Branson of Virgin Group. How they do it is through smart partnerships.


You basically have two options:

  1. Learn to develop the technology yourself. To be honest, this is not very realistic. To develop real coding skills from scratch will take a good many hours. This option is only good if you are dying to become a coder. If the urge is so strong, it might make sense, but it will still take a substantial time.


  2. Outsource your idea to a technology service provider like us. Outsourcing is a great option since it is convenient, efficient and, quite bluntly, better than the first option. Learning how to outsource will allow you to immediately build ANYTHING vs having to grind out the technical knowledge yourself and taking the long road to victory.


Finding the right partner to help build your mobile and/or web application is a daunting task. Deciding which agency or company to partner with is not an easy task - which app development company do you choose? What is their work process? Will they deliver the product on time? Do they have prior experience with the technology? All of these are important considerations while choosing the perfect company as your technology partner.


Deciding the right app development company could mean the difference between a profitable mobile business for you, and wasting money on useless code only to die a painfully slow business death. It’s important to fully research, evaluate, and vet each potential partner you work with.


Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while searching for the perfect mobile app development company.


Experience and Client References:

One of the first things that you should look for is the experience of the company with that product development or previous projects from their portfolio. It's not about the list of mobile apps or products the company has developed over the years, but also the quality of them. Developing a mobile app is not a simple process and apart from technical knowledge, it requires special skills, creativity and understanding the targeted audience. Client references or testimonials are an integral part of this process as it'll help you discover which brands they have worked for, what is their work process like, and many other essential things.


Here at StartxLabs, we have successfully delivered over 50+ projects since our launch in 2014. Our talented team uses their out-of-the-box approach to solve every problem they face.


Technical Efficiency:

Building a mobile app is quite different than programming a website. There are different development approaches and processes exclusive on mobile app development that are completely different to those of web development.


It is necessary to know what technologies the development company works with and whether they put up well with the app development idea and platform you are choosing to go with.


We, at StartxLabs, have an experienced team of developers who work on all the latest technologies to help develop a product for you that will last long.


Long-term Relationship:

Mobile app development will not be a one-time process but a continuous cycle of development work. Consequently, you should be working with a company that encourages a long-term relationship as opposed to one-time jobs.


We, at StartxLabs, believe in maintaining communication and transparency about our processes with our clients. We send regular progress reports and insights to the clients. Even after delivering the product we continue to offer services to maintain the relationship.


Cost Effectiveness:

The cost and quality for a company are always in conflict, especially with customers focusing on purchasing high-quality products at reasonable prices. Though it is true that good quality apps would cost a lot, it is necessary to ensure that they are cost-effective too. Just go with quality as the first thing in mind while shortlisting developers and let the cost be the subsequent criteria to allow you to choose the best option fitting your budget from the quality-filtered results.


Here at StartxLabs, we aim to offer you the best solution within a reasonable price that suits your business or individual needs.


Faster and timely app delivery:

Delivering high-quality apps rapidly is what the company should aim to do as this is what will help them win and excel in the competition. Faster the app hits the market, higher the revenues with a better business impact and ROI. A good app development company keeps in mind the growing needs of the market and also stays updated to any new happenings in its domain. You want to make sure that the company you spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars with is going be able to make good on their promises.


Here at StartxLabs, we have an entire team of experts dedicated to making sure of timely delivery of our clients' product. We follow an agile process and operate in sprints of tasks. Our clients are aware of every step we make while developing the product. Through effective and regular communication, we make sure that our client knows the exact status of the delivery of the project. That way if a project is going to take longer than initially expected, they know weeks and months ahead and not two days before the deadline.



Selecting an app development company is not easy and you definitely want to be thorough with your decision. You don't want to invest into some company that will not be able to deliver up to your expectations. The app development company should be able to understand and focus on your precise business requirements and not compromise with the quality of interface you are trying to build. When it comes to choosing the perfect app development company, don’t be in a hurry. Take your time in identifying and talking to potential partners before finalizing the development process.

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