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Game Developer (Unity/3D)


  • Consistently develop 3d game features of high level quality, on several platforms, by gathering requirements, designing solutions, implementing robust code, testing and debugging.
  • Work with interaction designers, game developers, artists, animators, audio engineers and other programmers to design scalable and flexible products.
  • Create efficient, optimized code while working with 3rd party libraries and tools
  • Understand memory and performance limitations of target hardware
  • Understand and be able to conform to the standards of target hardware
  • Share and participate in continually improving the processes with which the game is being
  • Collaborate and communicate with non-technical disciplines to improve the game
  • Willingness to receive, create and maintain detailed task lists from team leaders
  • Perform other duties as required


  • Strong programming in C#/C++ (3+ years)
  • Experience with Unity 3D Game Engine
  • Experience supporting all stages of the development life-cycle
  • Knowledge of Visual Studio programming environment
  • Ability to work in cross platform environments (Android, iOS and Windows)
  • Ability to architect systems from scratch
  • Software prototyping to convey quick ideas
  • Works well both in a team and independently
  • Actively seeks to improve skills


  • Unity3D Game development
  • 3d Game development
  • OpenGL/DirectX
  • Prior industry game development
  • Mobile Apps (iPhone, Android, etc.)
  • Prior experience with interfaces, GUI`s a significant plus
  • Ability to quickly and efficiently convey technical and complex ideas
  • Project lead experience