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Measure dimensions of cognition using tests that quantify athletic performance
The StartxLabs team partnered with BhodiSports founders to achieve their idea of measuring players' performance via cognitive tests. Our technical team brainstormed on the idea, its target audience, competitors, and technical challenges. We deployed all infrastructure on AWS and developed a scalable platform on Django and Reactjs. The cognitive test data was collected, and evaluated via Python scripts, and the result was presented to coaches.
Product delivered:
8 months
Total PROJECT duration:
Oct 2019 - July 2021
Involved Team:
8 members
Media & Entertainment, Communication Sports Healthcare & Life Sciences Expertise Health & Fitness
Web Application Development WordPress Development Django development MERN Stack Development
The Client
The founders were having 18+ yrs experience in the Sports industry.As a longtime coach, they spent decades assessing athletic talent. Their domain expertise is in Psychology. They are used to teach statistics, research methods, cyborg psychology, computational modeling of psychological function, cognitive psychology, and a variety of other courses. BhodiSports was their brainchild to measure athletes' performance using cognitive tests and provide his clients with a competitive advantage in the market.
The BhodiSports was a unique idea to analyze cognitive abilities based on predefined tests. The platform has to maintain players, teams, and group data with their past performance. We had to provide a way to compare results from different players. To present the analytics data to the user system, you need to implement a Snowflake graph for the players.The admin and super admin have to have the ability to view different teams and players' test data in the bell curves and percentile graphs. With the continued collaboration with founders, StartxLabs developed the BhodiSports platform from ideation to making it market ready, live for end users, and benefiting the Sports industry.
StartxLabs team did solution architecture design, identified the best technology stack, prepared wireframe, and UI UX Designs, and developed the phase of the product. The BhodiSports website was delivered and made the website live in 6 months. We designed the website UI UX to make sure it works for a variety of sports and players. 
Super Admin can manage teams, players, and groups. They can invite players to the platform and further add them to any team and group.
An individual player can update their profile and view snowflakes to see their performance at a glance.
The team owners can create cognitive profiles for individual athletes to gain insight into their strengths and weaknesses and coach them better.
Team or group owners can compare performance and cognitive abidivties across athletes and teams to understand which specific abidivties make your top performers great.
The team owner can take advantage of test resdivts, and make better roster decisions by assessing a player's match to Cognitive Profiles of Strength for each position.
Team owners can create their own comparison groups to see how your current athletes compare to each other, other teams, and past rosters.
Improvements in team performance
With the help of cognitive tests and analysis, coaches were able to train athletes in the targeted area
Data-driven decision
The sports community was able to take fact full decisions based on real data analyzed from various cognitive tests for different positions.
User engagement and growth
Clean UI UX achieved user appreciation and gained popularity in the sports community
Player satisfaction
Players were able to know facts about their strengths and weaknesses and improve accordingly


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