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Your one-stop solution for design, development, migration, and integration of the cloud applications.

Cloud technologies are not optional anymore, and it is a necessity in this era of the digital explosion to have everything on the cloud. Building a cloud-based application has some challenges involved whether you are building the application from scratch or you are migrating your legacy application to the cloud. It is essential to decide on the right type of cloud for your application first, and you can choose from the options like - Public, Private or Hybrid cloud. Security, data ownership, distributed programming, data portability, vendor lock-in risks and more are few challenges.

To develop appropriate cloud-based applications, it is important to pick up the right cloud application development partner for your business.

We at Startxlabs, we have been building, designing and maintaining cloud applications for a long time and our team is having best cloud development and technology specialists who can assist you at each step of the development process with perfection.

Cloud Application Development with Startxlabs

Our highly-skilled experts develop the Private, Public and Hybrid type of cloud applications. We develop advanced and automated cloud-based solutions that provide seamless migration and business experience. Along with the custom cloud application development services, we also help you with database migration, server migration, and apps to the cloud.

Get scalable, secure and flexible cloud-based applications developed with Startxlabs team.

Our key cloud application development services include

  • Custom Cloud Application Development
  • Cloud Configuration
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Server Solutions
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Optimization
We develop and deliver Secure, Robust and Unique Cloud-Based Applications promoting the growth of your business.

Startxlabs is a premium cloud application development company with cloud-based applications that has a distinctive aptitude for cloud application development combining the technology with the business aspects. Our applications help the clients to use the cloud technology effectively streamlining their business processes.

We leverage cloud computing models include -

SAAS (Software as a Service)
SAAS (Software as a Service)

We design and develop intelligent SAAS based applications for the enterprises to build, deploy and manage the applications as well as business in the cloud.

PAAS (Platform as a Service)
PAAS (Platform as a Service)

We offer Platform as a Service by designing and developing on-demand software platforms and multi-tenant applications as per client’s specific requirement.

Technologies We Leverage for Cloud Application Development

Startxlabs Center of Excellence in cloud computing does an excellent job in developing new cloud applications as well as migrating legacy applications using the advanced platforms including -

  • IBM cloud platform application development
  • Microsoft cloud application development
  • Amazon cloud application development
  • Oracle cloud application development

Why Startxlabs for Cloud Application Development?

Startxlabs has a bunch of highly experienced cloud-based application developers that help you accelerate the business growth with finely crafted cloud services.

  • We follow international standards for coding to maintain highest code quality.
  • We have the top-notch infrastructure to provide you seamless experience with our cloud application development services.
  • At Startxlabs, we follow tried and tested project management methodology to maximize your profitability and augment your business ROI.
  • You can rely on us for on-time delivery of your project even if the schedule is tight.
  • We develop strategic, integrated and robust software applications using the latest technologies and platforms.
  • Startxlabs professionals provide you 24*7 support and 100% quality.
  • We cater customized cloud-based applications offering you fully personalized experience.
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