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Safe, Secure & Robust automotive software development services for brands and OEMs
OEMs and Manufacturers firms must quickly adopt cutting-edge automotive technologies in order to provide connected vehicles that guarantee improved driving safety and experience and  toremain relevant in the face of disruptive changes. At StartxLabs, we help you to advance more quickly toward the future of mobility. We can promote technology convergence by offering experienced professionals for remote software development in the automobile industry.

How Automotive Software Solutions Can Help You Grow Your Business?

  • Combining existing in-car systems with the upcoming disruptive technologies
  • Using AI and machine learning techniques to enhance decision-making
  • Granting vehicles access to all real-time traffic data
  • Improving experiences by enabling car contact with an automotive ecosystem
  • Constructing HMI applications for seamless human-vehicle interaction
Type of Automotive Applications we build
Computerized Diagnostics Software
In the car industry, digital scanners and related IoT devices that can perform sophisticated onboard diagnostics are very beneficial and well-liked. We provide software that enables assessing the quality state of systems and their components.
Driver-assist Software
Despite the heated discussion over driverless cars, any meaningful driver assistance technology that actually works and improves traffic safety is a huge win for society. We offer you customized software solutions that function in cars equipped with cameras and sensors.
GPS Software
We provide GPS systems and software that let users find their current positions and the coordinates of their destination. We also offer software solutions for the built-in navigation screens and other driver-accessible displays.
Over-the-air Software Updates
Updates are necessary for cars that are solely controlled by software systems. The technique that is frequently included in the list of features for our automotive software solutions is sending them over the air (OTA).
Our expertise
Connected & Internet Cars
Future-oriented applications power connected cars with attributes like vehicle diagnostics, mobile integration, fuel efficiency, improved safety, and passenger comfort, among others.
EV charging software
White-label EV charging software solutions that are cutting-edge and sophisticated to power future vehicles and open up new revenue prospects for charge point operators and the automotive industry
Smart Bikes
Strong all-in-one rider information systems that make two-wheeler navigation simple, safe, reliable, and more intelligent than ever
Innovative telematics systems that enable businesses to monitor crucial metrics like traffic, fuel use, insurance information, and more
Autonomous & ADAS
Adaptive, automated, and improved advanced applications that improve the in-vehicle systems to enable autonomous and assisted driving
AI & Machine Learning
Intelligent technologies that can identify and analyze human behavior patterns to enable data-driven decisions on the road
Navigation & Mapping
Solutions for accurate, real-time, and intelligent mapping that guarantee secure vehicle mapping and navigation at all times and locations
IoT & Embedded Solutions
Embedded solutions that provide connectivity across a range of touchpoints and collect detailed information and useful insights from a variety of sources
Mobile-centric HMI systems that enhance driver response times, enhance human-vehicle interactions, and provide outstanding driving experiences
Applications that fortify the hyperconnected mobile, vehicle, and cloud environment and protect it from internal and external threats

Why Us?

Innovative Approach

We are able to provide innovative solutions for your customers and business because of our technological expertise and understanding of the automotive industry.

Focus on Innovation

Our primary goal is to stay abreast of new autonomous technologies like V2X connectivity, computer vision, E2E HMI, HD maps, and others.

UX/UI Expertise

We know how to turn cars into intuitive, user-friendly personal devices by taking a complete approach to designing driver-oriented interfaces.

Flexible Delivery Models

We provide flexible delivery options based on the unique needs of the project and client as part of our services.

Real-Time Solutions

We have delivered outstanding automotive software solutions by utilizing our decades of technical experience and domain understanding.

Latest Technology

We include cutting-edge technologies like AR/VR, IoT, ML/AI, and Blockchain in the creation of our automotive software.

Technologies We Work With
Blockchain has the ability to advance the automotive sector and create a lasting impression in the age of intelligent automobiles.
AI and Machine Learning
Our developers introduce safe, customized, and autonomous experiences using AI and machine learning to their fullest potential.
Cloud Computing
The solution for the automotive industry is cloud Computing. With cloud maturity, we prioritize upgrading and optimizing the current landscape.
We help manufacturers reduce the time to market and the associated expenses for designing and building vehicles through the use of AR and VR.
Big Data
We use big data to enhance driver safety and enjoyment and offer safer vehicle services.
We develop creative and sophisticated IoT applications to improve performance, lower costs, and enhance quality control.
Frequently Asked Questions

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A website's design cannot be completed in a set amount of time. Depending on the style of the website and the design components employed, it differs greatly. 

How much does developing automotive applications cost?Minus button

The cost of developing an Automotive Application relies on a number of variables, which we can only estimate once we have fully grasped your company's needs.

Do you guarantee the security & privacy of the automotive software concept?Minus button

To protect your software idea and data, we do indeed sign a strong NDA. As a result, we guarantee total confidentiality and privacy for the progress of your project.
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