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Redefine medicine with our healthcare IT solutions and make patient care more productive and delightful
Startxlabs is a reputable firm that develops custom healthcare software and has a remarkable track record of providing clients with comprehensive healthcare IT solutions. Our products assist clients in cost optimization, increased operational efficiency, streamlining operations, extraordinary patient experience, and modernising their methods of doing business.
Our Services
Healthcare Mobile App
We are here to turn your app idea into a functional reality that will touch many people's lives. To create interactive and user-friendly healthcare mobile apps, StartxLabs uses cutting-edge technology.
Healthcare Web Development
At StartxLabs, we create online solutions that function well on a variety of devices by utilizing the most recent technologies, the Android SDK, and high-level programming languages. We work hard to provide effective web solutions for the healthcare industry
Healthcare Software Development
If you want healthcare software that combines AR and VR technologies, go no further than StartxLabs. We provide dependable software that can improve the user experience
App Solutions For Wearables
Develop an IoT app to give yourself a competitive advantage over others. Our team of programmers uses the potential of the newest technology to create a solution that can completely change your company.
IoMT Apps
IoMT is on the way to becoming one of the most sought-after technologies in the world of healthcare services. We build solutions from scratch and scale up healthcare businesses in less time.
Healthcare MVP Development
Utilize the product's ingenuity to enter the market. Our staff has the practical expertise and analytical problem-solving skills to advance your project.
Our Competencies
Mobile Healthcare
By enabling the effective and secure transmission of clinical data while on the road, mobility in healthcare benefits both healthcare organizations and patients. Institutions can enhance the quality of patient care they provide and ease the transfer of medical records by developing mobile apps for the healthcare industry.
  • Healthcare Mobility Enablement
  • Health Monitoring & Diagnostic Solutions
  • Mobile Appointments & Calendar Apps
  • Wearable Applications
Hospital Management Systems
The healthcare sector has had a surge in technology over the years, and the capacity of the provider to use software solutions to stay one step ahead is crucial to providing exceptional patient care. We use cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things, AI, RFID, big data analytics, and more to build unique healthcare apps that give organizations several advantages.
  • Healthcare System Integrations
  • Hospital Asset Management
  • Medical Communities
  • Real-time Locating Systems
Healthcare Intelligence
Healthcare firms must adopt business intelligence tools as soon as possible if they wish to improve workflow efficiency. Hospital settings can be improved, clinician workflows can be streamlined, and administrative procedures can be managed through smart healthcare technologies, making hospitals and institutions more intelligent than before.
  • AI-Based Preventive Care
  • Big Data And Analytics
  • Disease Reporting & Dashboards
  • Patient Identity Management
Technologies We Work With
IoT use in the healthcare sector benefits patients, families, physicians, hospitals, and insurance providers. IoT measures your activities and collects big data
AR/VR is included in the creation of solutions by a pro healthcare custom software development firm. AR and VR can help surgeons
Big Data
Big Data analytics use in healthcare produces beneficial results. Big Data is the enormous amount of information produced by digitization that is then
Blockchain enhances the security and interoperability of healthcare data while putting the patient at the heart of the healthcare ecosystem.
Voice Enabled
Due to the reduction in time required for data entry, voice recognition technology has completely transformed the healthcare sector. They can voice-type
Machine Learning
Machine learning algorithms examine tens of thousands of medical records and other patient data to find pertinent patterns related to diseases and
Traditional analytics and clinical decision-making methods are inferior to AI in terms of intelligence. Although the technology hasn't been fully investigated
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