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Deliver scalable and feature-rich retail solutions that cater to customers' unique needs.
To succeed in the selling game, retail and consumer product enterprises must offer straightforward and pertinent purchasing experiences. The best solution is one that guarantees frictionless commerce, inconspicuous technology, and unwavering client confidence. Our team creates cutting-edge retail and eCommerce solutions to help B2B and B2C companies succeed and expand their consumer bases.
Why Should you invest in Retail Technology?
  • Reduce expenses significantly by streamlining production processes
  • Utilize advanced reporting and demand forecasting to completely transform the global supply chain.
  • Utilize digital tools to meet the demands of the millennial workforce.
  • Utilize modern analytics to create unique products with better planning.
  • With the help of retail execution solutions, increase the productivity of your sales team.
Solutions we offer
B2B E-commerce/Retail Solutions
We provide B2B companies with eCommerce solutions that enhance their operations with cutting-edge technology via online and mobile solutions. Users benefit from stable, user-friendly, secure shopping platforms as a result.
On-Demand E-commerce Solution
Our team develops on-demand solutions for the purpose of helping retail and eCommerce stores manage their operations. The old approaches are insufficient to support this expanding industry, and only tailored solutions will enable your company to achieve its objectives.
POS & Systems Billing
We provide automated billing, payment processing, and security features compatible with a range of payment methods, including bank cards, checks, and mobile payments.
Retail & E-commerce Software App/ Web Dvelopment
We design mobile- and web-responsive retail software development services. Our highly qualified and skilled team of developers uses the strength of the most trustworthy eCommerce platforms to build the best possible solution for your company.
Supply Chain & Logistic Management
To make transportation management, warehouse management, logistics, and reverse logistics operations easier, we integrate supply chain and logistics management functions. The provision of faultless solutions is the main focus of our eCommerce software development firm.
Warehouse & Accounting Manager
We create highly structured and user-friendly supply data, inventory control, and inventory management software solutions with the appropriate competence and in-depth understanding. We make it possible for suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers to obtain total visibility and control over their inventory.

Industries we serve

Fashion Industry

A renowned fashion brand sought to transition from traditional retail sales to online sales as well. We develop outstanding Magento stores with a user experience that is visually appealing and matches the elegance that the client's brand is recognized.

Liquor Industry

The management of information flow inside the business is the main issue faced by large-scale liquor companies involved in manufacturing and retail. We help leading global liquor brands overcome this obstacle using a Sharepoint intranet portal.

Grocery Industry

The grocery retail landscape is incredibly competitive and is expanding quickly. Delivering in line with customer expectations is the only way to differentiate yourself. We provide a well-known supermarket brand with an on-demand grocery app that helped them win a sizable market share.

Technologies We Work With
For the development of cutting-edge software solutions, our world-class experts cover the full spectrum of AI & BI services.
Big Data
Because organizations that respect data do considerably better than those that don't, StartxLabs' software engineers incorporate.
Blockchain is a decentralized solution that solves security-related problems while providing a plethora of advantages for the industry.
One of these elements that propel a company to the next level is the incorporation of chatbots in retail and eCommerce
Data Analysis
The quickest and best way to transform unstructured data into streamlined data is to incorporate machine learning into the
We incorporate IoT while creating solutions for the eCommerce and retail sectors to bring the advantages of better tracking
Virtual Reality
Users can browse virtual showrooms and virtually view products thanks to the integration of virtual reality into eCommerce

Why Us?

Effective Service models

Our cutting-edge service models provide the ideal customized solution at the ideal location and cost.

Global Sales & Delivery

At every stage of the interaction, local touch points are available to you thanks to our global Sales & Delivery presence.

Technological Expertise

Our well-established technological expertise creates reliable solutions to hasten your success in the digital market.

Support & Maintenance

Our well-experienced team provides you with excellent support & Maintenance services even after deployment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an "omnichannel eCommerce strategy"?Minus button

A sales and marketing plan is called an omnichannel eCommerce strategy. Customers receive a completely integrated purchasing experience from it. Omnichannel eCommerce combines a variety of user interfaces, including social networking, mobile browsing, and traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

What is a document management system (DMS)?Minus button

Using a document management system (DMS), you can keep track of all of your important documents and organize all of your files and data in one location. Along with improving and controlling access to the papers, it also gives you the ability to speed up workflows. Utilizing tools like SharePoint, and StartxLabs creates flawless document management solutions.

What sets B2B and B2C eCommerce apart from one another?Minus button

Selling products to businesses is known as business-to-business (B2B) commerce. Selling items to individual consumers is known as business-to-consumer (B2C) commerce. Both B2B and B2C eCommerce solutions are what we build.
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