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We are a full-service, professional no-code mobile & desktop app development company, enabling scale-ups & enterprises to turn their innovative idea into no-code apps.

Our Comprehensive Solution
  • We make it simple to build your finest apps, whether you're wanting to get hands-on without writing any code, want to establish your business, or want to expand your current product to mobile.
  • You can access all the advantages of a native mobile and tablet device thanks to the straightforward drag-and-drop design canvas and strong logic blocks.
  • Create your own unique Android, iOS, and Web apps by connecting your own database to our open connectors to add third-party power to your project.

X platform features

  • Drag and Drop components
  • Advanced Logic
  • Device Native
  • Extensible Integrations
  • Direct Publishing

What do we offer?

Innovative Design

Never compromise on design efficiency again with X. Every style property imaginable is available with simple drag-and-drop controls.

More than 500 Components

You may quickly create new components and then share them with others in addition to the 500+ fundamental building blocks for every aspect of an app. Join the community.

Native Performance

X creates React Native apps that are fully functional and highly optimized. Bid hybrid web apps farewell and welcome to the 5-star app experience.

Reliable Theme Engine

A huge collection of user interface elements is only useful if you can combine and match them. The theme engine in X makes it possible.

Extensive Logic

There is practically no limit to what you may construct by visually integrating the hundreds of logic functions we have written. We can handle math, engineering, array operations, and UI logic.

Integrate APIs

Any contemporary API can be integrated quickly using X's REST integration wizard. Additionally, there are several pre-built connectors available in our marketplace. Add your API key, then continue.


mobile, desktop, browser, TV and others.

Our Process


Creating the user interface for your app is as simple as prototyping with X. But you're creating actual software rather than assembling a prototype. You can easily adjust every conceivable style property from a menu, and you can see a real-time preview of the outcome. Make your mobile app seem stunning on the TV screen by using animations, uploading your own font family, and changing the adaptable design options.

Create logic

Imagine having access to the most advanced programming language, complete with all logical operations. Everything from sensors to file operations to data functions to permissions to user input to animations. Then you could just drag and drop the functions on a canvas in place of writing code and learning syntax. You get immediate access to every parameter and variable you might need for your routines.  

Bring data

The core component of every modern application is data. X was created with integrations and data transformations in mind. First, we made adding your own integrations quite straightforward. Then, certain pre-built integrations will be created for you to use. Finally, we included a database for noSQL development for you to experiment with. Your app connects straight to your backend when you integrate it. 

Use Formula functions

We added some magic to a universally understood, straightforward idea. We have created the most potent algorithm editor you've ever seen by fusing "spreadsheet type" formulas with integrated support for the entire application context. Combine many data transformation operations with pertinent information about the system and device, GPS location, sensor values, data attributes, and the status of the application. Change the date field's format to a local one. Using past values, make predictions about the future. Whenever you check out a shopping cart, double-verify the final cost.

Publish apps

It's time to ship your application once you've finished developing it. To create apps for particular devices, you don't need to use a particular operating system. Your code can be compiled without any additional software. You may easily request a binary version of your native program using our hassle-free cloud build service, and it will be sent to you instantly. And it's just as simple to launch your web application.

What makes X different

Stunning Debugging Tools
Impressive Animation Engine
Excellent Adaptive Design
Optimized Bundle Size
Custom Deployment Pipelines
Custom React Native Plugins
Multi-Language Support
Custom Font Support

Our content marketing services

  • Digital Product Design
  • We cover everything from analysis to workshops, branding and UX/UI Design

  • Web & Mobile Platforms
  • We develop Marketplaces, Booking systems, eLearning platforms, Job boards, and eCommerce stores.

  • Mobile Applications
  • We create native feeling mobile applications for iOS and Android.

  • MVP Development
  • We build the MVP of your web or mobile app efficiently and quickly.

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Education & E-Learning
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