Dental Drugs is an advanced application that allows dental professionals to expand their professional expertise for treatment practices.

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We designed and built Android application for Universal Hospital LP. The app gives dental professionals the ability to access and refer dental drugs. The app allows access to more than 100 medications with their relevant dose, dispensary, instructions, and precautions. Packed with highly detailed, up-to-date data on each drug, the app offers users the ability to take notes, calculate anaesthetics, quick search index, amongst other features.


Challenges Faced

The company came to StartxLabs for help in building a platform optimized for dental professionals that could be used to refer prescribed medicines and common treatment practice. Together, we realized that we could build an extraordinary Android application for them that could be used by their users. The platform had to be made such that it is available for offline use too. In order to prescribe medicines, the app needed to be updated with a database for the application. We were up for the challenge.



Universal Hospital LP came to StartxLabs with a clear understanding of what they wanted to accomplish but didn’t know how to get there. Their team relied on our team of experts to make the key technology decisions that would bring their vision to life. We performed extensive research and surveys on their user-base to understand consumer's needs and satisfaction. Our design and development teams worked together to ensure a seamless and intuitive onboarding process and user experience.



Built for scalability and customization, StartxLabs developed 'Dental Drugs and Anesthesia' on Android platform. We were able to provide a powerful, advanced application that allows dental professionals to expand their professional expertise in treatment practices.