A utility application to digitalize business cards, revolutionizing the industry.

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When coinflip srl asked us for a Utility application that could help the users to digitalise their business cards, we couldn't wait to build. This Android app comprises a series of customizable and readable digital cards and allows to share the Info cards.

coinflip srl focus was to create a seamless experience that is better than paper. That meant removing all existing barriers to card sharing, storing and usage, and making the process as simple as possible.


Challenges Faced

The idea was to design an app that could organize your social and contact information into a card that could be given to anyone as quickly as possible. But, there were a few challenges for us on the way. We had to make sure that there was no loss or transfer of sensitive information. We had to develop a solution where the app could read information from the paper-form business card. To avoid redundancy of information, the platform had to be designed such that it automatically detects and removes any duplicate contacts saved in the device.



We kicked off the project with an extended discovery phase including user-research, analysis, strategy building and rough design with the coinflip srl team. This allowed us to understand their business goals, needs, and vision. During the second phase, we implemented our architecture, design, wireframes design for the application. We used OCR Processing or Optical Character Recognition so that the app could read paper-form cards and process the information into data readable by our software. Once we connected all the ideas and strategies together we went into the actual development of the application. During the third and final phase of the application development, we fine-tuned the application and the user-experience, taking all possible options and scenarios into strategic and careful considerations.



We worked closely with the coinflip srl team to conduct regression testing and user scenarios, to ensure that the mobile app would function not only to achieve expectations but to exceed them.