An elite platform for users to optimize their lifestyle using the ancient Chronobiology.

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Paleo is defined as the pre-historic age of humankind and Paleo lifestyle is defined as the art of living life like a caveman - the way our body is designed. In today's world, everyone has some type of stress in their life, which leads to bad sleep schedules and poor health. Keeping this in mind, the client reached to us to build an elite platform for users to optimize their lifestyle. Using the ancient Chronobiology, optimizing the app in such a way that it provides schedules for optimal performance and recovery in elite athletes.


Challenges Faced

The client wanted us to build an iOS and Android application which will make life simpler and allow the user to set their schedules according to the Lunar Cycle. The biggest challenge for us was to design the app exclusively for users, depending on their location and using the Solar, Lunar, and Seasonal rhythms to set sleeping schedules. Paleo clock had to be designed to allow the user to complete its REM cycle. The application should be able to track the sleeping of the user to provide an optimal experience.



Working closely with the client, we started by researching and surveying about the features and what were the needs of both, the client and users. Once, our research was done, we built the architecture and UI/UX for the app. For the development phase, all our teams worked in sprints of tasks to deliver the product in the most effective way. We used location and time and date API’s to calculate the sunrise, sunset and lunar cycle to provide with exclusive schedules for an optimal lifestyle of the user. The app is designed to allow the user to complete their R.E.M cycle, and wake up refreshed in their lightest moment of sleep.


Our collaboration worked out to be a huge success as we were able to deliver an app that received a massive praise in the international markets. We were able to deliver a beautiful responsive application that allowed users to live a pleasant and relaxed lifestyle by optimizing their sleep schedule with nature's cycle.