Ticha Linka is an online interpreting service for the deaf and hard of hearing people.

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StartxLabs partnered with Tiché spojení to solve a real-world problem faced by millions of people in society. Ticha Linka helps deaf people communicate with people from their contact list or interpreters available online. Packed with highly-detailed, easy-to-use interface, the app offers the user the ability to interpret sign language using a video call, book an interpreter in advance and make emergency calls.

Challenges Faced

Tiché spojení came to us with the idea to support deaf people in the society using online transcription and online interpretation. They wanted us to build an app that will provide all possible ways of communicating with the user for the deaf people. Our challenge was to build a platform that will help the user in communicating, provide them support at all times, connect them with the nearest helplines during times of emergencies. We had to make the platform responsive and easy-to-understand with all the features easily accessible.


It was critical to get the user-experience right to ensure users are easily able to adopt this new technology for communication with their contacts or interpreter. We started out with defining the architecture and design with inputs from the client's team to ensure we are all on the same page. Once we had the design in place, we integrated socket based chat, video calling, audio calling.Users can switch to chat during audio and video calls. This provided the design team and the development team to start working on their pieces.


With the collaboration of Tiché spojení and StartxLabs on this product, StartxLabs was able to provide a powerful, advanced application that allows the deaf and hard of hearing people communicate with the interpreter and transcript chats. It provides various services for the user with the help of an interpreter. The final product also provided an emergency connection with a non-stop interpreter for urgent emergency services.