Udghosh is a novel undertaking that is born out of the need to bring insight into information. There is enough news coming our way but not enough insight.

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When a team of highly motivated individuals approached StartxLabs to build a product to provide holistic perspectives on issues, events, and policies both national and international, we knew it was gonna be one hell of a ride. They already had a name for the product in their mind, Udghosh - a Sanskrit word meaning a loud cry preceding something important.

Challenges Faced

The Udghosh team needed a partner to evolve the online news publishing experience by delivering the right information to its readers. The company's mission is to cut through the clutter and 'make sense of the news'. For the content to be delivered to a large number of readers, we had to optimize the website with a responsive and reliable interface. We also faced a few challenges in the back-end, in order to provide better analytics panel and editor functionality.



In order to better understand the digital media experience and discover more about what kind of content users' prefers, we conducted several users based research studies. This research informed which features to design and develop, and how the site would be architected. Competitive analysis and mobile research trends provided additional insights into the discovery phase. We highly optimized the website to deliver best results. We also provided them with a Content Management System (CMS) with various features for editors and an analytics panel to analyze website's traffic and user base.



Having a fully-accessible, beautifully designed website and a CMS with cutting-edge UX and navigation features have proven to be a huge benefit to Udghosh, helping them to significantly increase their reach and better engage with its users by providing comprehensive analysis on all issues relevant to the body politic.