Waygo is a product that helps the user discover nightlife events and party around their location.

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Seeing an opportunity to revolutionize the event industry, increase brand loyalty and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, Waygo Mobile approached StartxLabs with a unique challenge: help them support the nightlife.

How? By designing an app and website that would encourage users to discover events happening around them before even setting foot outside.


Challenges faced

When Waygo approached StartxLabs, they knew that users waste hours searching for the right thing to do, planning night-outs etc. They wanted to provide a simple interface that allows users to discover events, nightlife venues based on user's location. They wanted the platform to refine the results on particular location. They wanted us to build a system that could seamlessly facilitate free feed with quick, detailed and adequate results. The tool needed to be flexible enough to provide personalized, location-based service to the vast user-base, yet robust enough to allow the club owners/managers to create and strategize effectively.



As part of our in-depth research, we observed various nightlife venues and event-goers to better understand how to make the interface user-friendly for both the user as well as the venue manager. Using the research, we designed and built the Waygo's complete feed, from discovering new hangouts places to providing instant results on pre-defined categories. We also performed user-based research on clubs and venues. We then iterated a number of prototypes to help clubs market their events and venues digitally.



We were able to build an easy, intuitive platform that allows a user to discover new events, hangouts and venues nearby its location for free and help the club to list its events as well as promote them using digital media to attract the masses at a cost-effective fee.