XPrep/ AftrClass is taking tutor-student-parent communication and management to the next level through its flagship apps.

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StartxLabs partnered with Epsilon Eduventures to create fully-featured Android applications to allow parents and tutors to connect and engage with each other in an efficient and transparent way.

Epsilon Eduventures came to us with a brilliant idea to create a simple solution for students to access class notes and assignments and allowing parents to track their child’s performance. Also, allow tutors to schedule the class, organize assignments and review their student’s performance. Their aim was to make the process of teaching digital and more efficient.


Challenges Faced

Creating an Android application, that helps parents to connect and engage with the tutor as well as allows the tutor to assess the student’s performance in an efficient and transparent way.

In addition, Epsilon Eduventures wanted the product to be accessed differently by parents and tutors. They needed a user-friendly responsive product that is easy to understand and provides the data in a well-organized way.



In order to better understand user's experience and discover more about user's processes and concerns, we conducted several user research studies. This research informed which features to design and develop, and how the site would be architected. Competitive analysis and mobile research trends provided additional insights into the discovery phase. Our teams worked in sprints of tasks and sent regular releases to the client for their approval. Only after their approval did our team moved on to the next phase. All the teams worked parallelly to deliver the project before date.



Together, StartxLabs and the Epsilon Eduventures formed a strong partnership and built a new, responsive online experience that allowed users (parents and tutors) to easily engage with each other. The app also included several features like analytics that allowed the teacher and parents to be aware of their child’s performance. The tutor can also upload assignments and notes via the tutor app (Aftrclass) and these notes can be accessed by the student/parent via the student app (Student/Parent XPrep).