A smart product that allows keeping tabs on your pet's location and activity while the pets are living it up at home, in the park or on the run.

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With a passion for pets and a love of technology, GarageCoders (Mexico) came to us with an innovative idea to track pet's location and activity with the help of a tracking device.

With our partnership, they wanted to build a smart product that allows keeping tabs on pet's location and activity while the pets are living it up at home or in the park. We believe that the relationship with our pets is one of the most important bonds we have in life and together we built a product to understand our pet's health and activity in order to strengthen that connection and enrich the pet-owner relationship.


Challenges Faced

Yipi needed to be a standout product in the world of pet accessories. The team also needed a companion app on android for the product. To track the location, our main focus was to give fast and accurate location over a high range of distance. The product needed to be waterproof and be resistant to many factors as well as be comfortable for the pet. Our idea was to make the app such that, it is connected all the time and provides real-time updates to the owner with a simple and elegant interface, and immediately alert the owner in case of an emergency.



We analyzed and researched the market to build a product that is comfortable and fun in a vibrant way for the pet. We used a GPS device instead of Bluetooth for higher range and connectivity at all times.

We designed the Yipi app so that users could easily manage their Yipi GPS device, monitor activity of all pets and access it easily from anywhere. With those goals in mind, our team included several features: high range, connectivity at all times, security zone alerts, individual QR code identification and tranquillity at all times.



By engaging with the community and a successful partnership we were able to build a smart way to keep tabs on pet’s location and activity. Both, the product and app were designed in a smart way for pets and humans who love them.