ZINIER HQ is a cloud-based platform helping telecoms track and manage sales and service in the field to improve the customer experience.

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We helped the team at Zinier create an android app that engages retailers with their staff and customers for a better experience.

Using Zinier retailers can create and manage survey to efficiently track store operations and effectively communicate with staff and customers.

Zinier HQ came to us with the passion for improving customer's experience by helping large-scale companies to effectively communicate and manage their operations. They believe that customer experience is the ultimate brand differentiator. They wanted the app to be customer-centred and easy to understand.


Challenges Faced

While surveys make things very convenient for the company to improve customer experience, the platform needed to be very secure to source trust from the customer. The platform had to be designed so that there was no loss or transfer of sensitive information. It was necessary that all the communication be encrypted. We also had to make sure that the responses to the survey are displayed in an analytical way to allow the company to easily analyze and improve customer's performance.



We approached the problems with a clear thought in our mind - to create a user-friendly platform that enables efficient and transparent communication between the company and the customers. At the same time, our focus was also to make the app result-driven providing real-time updates while increasing service efficiency and productivity. The idea was to build an app such that the organization can create and manage surveys for multiple or a particular location based office. Our market-driven research resulted in making the app available in offline mode also while allowing the users to upload large media files in the survey in an efficient manner.  After a lengthy discussion with Zinier team, to fully understand what they wanted, we began working in sprints of tasks. In parallel, our engineering team worked on the architecture for the application.



StartxLabs and Zinier Inc. partnership turned out to be a success for Zinier HQ's business. The app dramatically improved the customer's experience and helped to improve various organizations' brand value by enabling them to effectively communicate with each other. Our close partnership has evolved into developing more products for Zinier Inc while maintaining the existing ones.