Google IO 2018 all that Android users need to know

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Date 12-05-18
Google IO 2018 all that Android users need to know
" See all announcements made by Google at I/O 2018"

As we all know the Google IO 2018 was all about the bringing the best user experience to end user using ML and AI.


In the Google IO 2018, Google showed their emerging knowledge in the field of AI. All the product or service enhancement that was discussed backed by either AI or ML. From Gmail to Self Driving cars all got major upgrades.

Google showed how ML can benefit each and every field we can think of, from the examples one includes its usage in Health industry that can enable Doctor to operate on patient much earlier by diagnosing the disease either at an earlier stage or much faster than traditional ways.

The Major upgrades to Google Products and services from End User Perspective:-

1. Gmail


         Google fully revamped Gmail, by not only limiting changes to User Interface but also to how a mail can be drafted. As some of you may already have noticed the new look and feel of Gmail, and some of you are eagerly waiting for it. It’s a big change in its look by google after quite a long time.
It also got powered by ML to make things much easier for its users, new Gmail will enable its users to draft an email in an all-new way by suggesting salutations to sentences. ‘Smart Compose ’ is a feature that is a major upgrade to last year’s predictive reply, it enables its users to draft an email irrespective of formal or casual by suggesting content, all user have to do while drafting is pressing tab that will save a lot of time. Although this feature isn’t available yet but will be rolling out in very near future.

2. Google Photos


Google photos also got very exciting new features that include ‘Suggested Action Feature’ but not only limited to it. It’s backed by ML.
Suggested action feature will prompt the user to perform a best-suited action for an image. For example, if you are looking at a picture of your friend it may prompt to share the same with the friend, or you have clicked a picture of a document then it may prompt you to fix the document so as to enable you to store it like a document in a pdf format.
Google photos new feature also enable users to convert any old black and white picture into a coloured one (Cool, isn’t it?)

3. Android TV


Android TV also got some under the hood performance improvements with many new exciting features. Now you will be able to see most appropriate or the best content an app can offer you in the top. It also got some integration advancement like enabling a user to connect camera hardware device, soundbar and many more. The soundbar integration is the awesome thing which lets its users forget about remote, and access the content of Android TV by just commanding the Google Assistant powered Soundbar, now you can guess what all things can be done easily just by commanding.


4. Google Map


Google map will roll out its new features very soon which in every aspect shows google concern for its users.
The new update will include the features like For You tab, your match and many more. We will discuss all of them so don’t worry

  • For You - It will show the details or the places which are opening near you or you may want to get updated of it, it will show places near to the places you care about.
  • Your Match - It’s the great feature which will allow you to try new places without worrying, as it will only show those places that match your preference based on your previous visits, your likes and dislikes all of them.
  • Share with friends  - How can Google be left behind while others have launched this feature much earlier, Google also introduced a similar feature in its YouTube app last year. This feature in Google Maps will allow users to make a plan or discuss something on a list of places you select and share with your friends. It also lets users vote in real time to take a decision in a matter of few moments.
  • VPS: It is a name given by Google to a new feature that elaborates to Visual Positioning Satellite, it is an upgrade to GPS but not exactly. Your location will still be determined by using GPS only VPS is only an ML backed concept or technology integrated into GMaps we can say. It will help users to navigate in a real world by showing direction if we put a camera to visuals around you.


5. Google Lens


         Google lens got great updates with being integrated to some of very popular brand’s smartphone camera.
Google Lens now works in real time, you just have to put the camera to an object to reveal the details associated with it.
For Ex - It will let you copy the text from a hard printed document in real time.
One of the exciting features includes showing similar items on the web to an object when you put the lens in front of it.

6. Google Assistant


         Google Assistant is the Google product which got most out of the ML and AI combined, it introduced many new features along with new support.
Google Assistant will now support 6 new voices one of them is of John Legend’s.
It will now support more human-like accents and pause during a speech or exchange of information.
By the end of this year Google assistant support 30 languages covering the span of over 80 countries.

The most awaited feature of Google assistant will also get rolled out( thanks to Hey GOGO granny ), Google heard users’ pain, now no more saying Hey Google repetitively. Google Assistant now supports Continued Conversation. So you now just need to say Hey Google while initiating your verbal chat with it.

Google Assistant can now handle requests containing multiple actions.


From now onwards you can also order from your favourite store from within google assistant (limited to only partnered stores)


Very soon we will see the Google Maps and Google Assistant Integration for much easy life.

In coming future Google Assistant Update will also host a feature that is making round all over the internet i.e Google Duplex , which will enable you to sit and relax while google assistant will take care of your appointments that you may want to book all over the calls like a real-life assistant but without having to pay it salary.


Other services also got some new updates like:-

  • GBoard will now support Morse Code
  • Looking to Listen: A device that let you filter out the meaningful talk out of a Gibberish conversation.



Android P


As we all know android comes up with many exciting features with its latest version of OS, this year also it bundles many new exciting features:

Android P got developed by keeping in mind 3 main points :

     1. Intelligence

     2. Simplicity

     3. Digital Wellbeing



  • Adaptive Battery: The consumption of Battery will also be adaptive, which will help to get more out of your phone with extra hours of saved battery. This feature will help you save battery, by limiting consumption of the battery by useless apps and preserving for the apps you care most.

  • Adaptive Brightness: This is an awesome upgrade to existing auto-brightness which adapt to the brightness that user wants not the environment wants, that means it will adapt to only that much of brightness that user feels comfortable with by analysing user preference over different exposure of light.
  • App Action: It is an upgrade to existing predictive apps feature that show apps that user use mostly, app action will add on to this feature by suggesting action user may want to perform.



  • System Navigation: This feature is same as the Gesture Control that iPhone X offers. It consists of different type of swipes for different actions like Swiping-up loads recent apps screen and swiping further will load the app menu, swiping sideways will scroll between recent apps.

  • Smart Text Selection: Enables user to select text from apps from recent apps section directly, no need to switch to that app to select text.


Digital Wellbeing

  • Dashboard: It shows statistics like phone usage, app usage time, no of times phone unlocked etc so that user limit their usage for their wellbeing.
  • Do not Disturb: Improved.
  • App timer: Lets you set a timer to limit particular app usage, will grey down app icon when the timer runs out to remind the user of its limit. 


These were the major highlights of Google IO 2018 which will impact users interaction with its products and services.


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