Google IO 2018 - For All the Android Developers out there

By StartxLabs
Date 14-05-18
Google IO 2018 - For All the Android Developers out there
" AI and ML is growing fast and mode of resources are freely available"


Android Studio
Android Studio got a major upgrade to develop your apps easier than ever, and more user-friendly.
Android Studio 3.2 (currently in Canary) bundles hell lot of features.

Few of them are:-

  • App Bundle: It will enable to bundle your app in such a way that let its user download the concerned content he/she wanna download. App bundle once uploaded to play console will let users download only the source code and resources and nothing else which will surely cut down on APK size. It will download the content only when needed i.e Dynamic Delivery. 

  • Instant Apps: It also got all new support, some of you may already have noticed that Instant app can now be developed for API 21 and above. The latest support it got is, it will now support Game Development Platform to develop instant apps. (It will support Unity and Cocoa).
  • Navigation Editor: This is THE feature which will enable you to decide the flow of your screens using drag and drop feature of Navigation Editor. You just have to arrange the screens by picking and dropping to an appropriate place.

  • Emulator  
    The emulator also got new exciting updates which will let developer start testing their development by starting emulator almost instantly. You can also stop your emulator at while it is computing complex problems and start later again to continue at exactly the same state where you left it. You can store the state of the emulator as a snapshot to continue at a later time with the same state.
    Emulator now also supports AR, which in itself is a major upgrade to development. So now no need to buy a physical device to test your beautiful AR content.

  • ADB Connection Assistant
    Android studio will now provide you with the ADB Connection Assistant which will help resolve issues while connecting via ADB. No need to google issues, as Google itself provided its connection assistant within Android Studio.


ML Kit
For the First time google integrated ML kit with firebase to make accessibility and usage of its powerful algorithms very easy. You all are familiar with firebase by now, it’s very simple and easy process to integrate firebase services within your app, so you can imagine how easy it will be for ML to be available on your developed apps with just a few steps.
ML Kit provides features like an Image labelling, barcode scanner etc but not limited to this only, it also offers you to deploy your own custom models on it using google cloud services.

The best part of ML kit is, it even works offline or on low latency.
Tensor Processing Unit also got an upgrade which is 8x faster than its predecessor.

It’s the very good opportunity for businesses to increase their engagement with their customers by offering them suggested action based on their searches. If a person searches on its Android device for any location then a cab service application which has implemented slices feature may show the direct action of booking their service from the search itself, which not only increase its popularity but also higher conversion.

It’s also a very good marketing technique with which a business can retain its customer with higher chances of conversion. An action is something like subscription service but very different in it’s working. Once a user subscribes to your action, you can do the following to retain the user or for higher conversion:

  • Notify: You can notify users of anything or send them offers so that they’ll spend on your services
  • Routines: A routine can be settled up which allow business and user offer their best services when the user wants it.

Android TV
It now allows you to showcase your best content at the top of your app, which may result in higher engagement.
It is also bringing the power of Camera APIs, as from now it’ll allow users to connect external camera hardware to their Android TV.

Chrome OS
From now, Chrome OS will also support most of the applications which can be operated on Linux Environment.
They also promised to bring support for our favourite IDE Android Studio to it in the coming future.

ARCore also got various great upgrades like:

  • It introduces Sceneform which will enable all the Java Developers out their to write ARCore applications very easily.

  • Cloud Anchors: This the opportunity for all of you out there to try and make something more out of existing AR technology, from now it will support Multi-user AR environment, that will open a new gateway for the developers working with AR.

These were the main highlights of Google IO 2018, hope you all liked it.


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