How to install or update postman on Linux

By StartxLabs
Date 06-07-18
How to install or update postman on Linux
" Postman Makes API Development Simple."

Postman is a top HTTP client. Every programmer who works with the APIs is familiar with this application.
Earlier, this app was an extension for the Google Chrome web browser. But as the popularity of this app increased, and more
features were getting introduced in this application, its Google Chrome extension was deprecated for the Native desktop app.
The new desktop app is available for MacOS, Windows and Linux OS.
The download is available as a tar file for the Linux OS. As many of us are not very used to the using an application with the
tar file, I am going to explain the process to update and install the Postman application on a Linux machine.

This method is verified for Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSuse. Probably would work well with others too.

1. Go to the Postman app download page at You can choose the os version from the drop-down. x64 for 64 bit Operating System and x84 for the 32 bit based Linux.

2. Open the terminal and go to the directory where you have downloaded the tar file. If you have downloaded on the Downloads folder,  

cd ~/Downloads/

3. Run the following commands,

sudo rm -rf /opt/Postman/
sudo tar xvf Postman-<your version>.tar.gz -C /opt/
sudo ln -sf /opt/Postman/app/Postman /usr/bin/postman

4. create a file for the desktop entry so you can easily search the Postman app like any other app in your computer.

nano ~/.local/share/applications/postman.desktop

5. Write the following in the file.

[Desktop Entry]


6. Save the file with ctrl+x then y then Enter.

7. Now, if you would search for Postman in unity or gnome, you can see the Postman app. If in any case, you are not able to see the app, please log out and log in again. Or you can restart the computer.


Enjoy RESTing.


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