Top 8 products benefited by using React Native

By StartxLabs
Date 20-03-21
Top 8 products benefited by using React Native
" Top 8 products benefited by using React Native"


In our daily life, we use apps like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc, Have you given a thought to which technology has been used to make these apps achieve a huge success? They use one of the most advanced and emerging technologies, React Native for their business. Developed by Facebook in 2015, React Native has been helpful for creating cross-platform apps that function on platforms such as iOS, Android, and MS UWP. React Native apps also offers great UI and UX. React Native apps are faster, outstanding performance, reliable, robust, and the list go on. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 8 products that are benefited from using React Native.


1. Facebook

Facebook has been using React Native since 2015, the year which it was released. This gives us trust that Facebook uses the technology which it has created, for developing its own app. Facebook identified React Native's compatibility at its best with platforms such as Windows and tvOS which resulted in making React Native an open-source framework.


Facebook used React Native to build the Facebook Ads Manager app. It is an application for managing advertisements for products of individuals and businesses., Facebook gives us a great, user-friendly UI and faster response for both platforms and that is because of React native. As we all know, everything on Facebook, from posting a picture to building a campaign, can be done within a second.


2. Instagram

Instagram, being everyone's most favorite, should provide an efficient UI and must be compatible with all the platforms. This is achieved because of React Native. Instagram is also one of the social media sites owned by Facebook since 2012. It was used by the people only for digital photography and for uploading some short videos. It incorporated RN in 2016 and started with enabling push notifications into the already existing application and made some changes to it.


React Native helped Instagram move the existing app to its cross-platform app and it eliminated the need to build the entire navigation infrastructure.  Though there might have been some issues faced by the developers at first, they successfully dealt with them and made Instagram achieve huge success. It is because of the React native, Instagram was released sooner than expected and saved a lot of time and effort because of its code shareability functionality. Instagram is now one of the most popular, successful apps using React Native apps and it is easy to operate and efficient to maintain on both Android and iOS platforms.


3. Skype

Skype is a VoIP app, created by Microsoft which enables us to text, audio, or video calls and connect instantly with our family and friends. It is noted primarily for its video chatting facility. Skype made its app to be written in React Native in the year 2017, hoping to solve the issues that already existed on the older app.


After its release, the cross-platform Skype received a warm welcome from its users and started to remain a favorite app to its users. It had a couple of changes incorporated into it, starting from its icons to the entire layout, and achieved a great consistency between iOS and Android platforms.


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4. Bloomberg

It is a global business news and finance company providing trading and analytics tools to ensure equity. It also has an adjacent website that is used to get news of market and business trends for the public. Before using React Native, Bloomberg developed different mobile apps for different platforms such as Android and iOS. It took a lot of time and effort for Bloomberg to develop separate applications.


After thoroughly testing prototypes of React Native, Bloomberg started to upgrade its app to a cross-platform app using RN. By implementing React Native, Bloomberg is now providing users with some of the new features such as automatic reloading of the app, easier code refreshing (users will always see the latest posts and updates while opening the app), interactive UI with personalized videos that can be accessed easily, and the Bloomberg media featuring live feeds and contents.


5. Walmart

Walmart is one of the world's top retailers online. It delivers goods from groceries to clothes, according to your location everywhere across the world. They never fail to try to give the best user experience for their customers. This is accomplished with the help of React Native.


They rewrote the code of their already existing app in React Native and achieved overall improvement in performance on both platforms. They say that they have shared 95% of the codebase because of React native in a shorter span and with the reduced overall expense. React native provided the Walmart app cross-platform ability and made it possible to provide its clients a smoother experience with extraordinary performance.


6. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is an online food delivery platform established in 2014 by Uber. It is similar to the delivery services such as DoorDash and Seamless.


The dashboard of Uber Eats is user-friendly and has an effective UI and UX because of React Native. Uber developed the app using React Native to provide an efficient experience for its customers. Some of the important additions to the Uber Eats dashboard because of React Native include sound and push notifications.


7. SoundCloud Pulse

SoundCloud Pulse is a music app that enables its users to create or compose, download, and share their favorite tracks. It facilitates the users to manage their accounts and to share their creations with their community.


While developing their app, they faced a couple of issues in creating a native app for iOS because of the scarcity of developers. So, they decided to conduct research on React Native to test its effectiveness for creating a cross-platform app. The team encountered a positive experience working with React Native and started developing their application using the framework.


8. Wix

Wix is a website development tool that allows us to develop websites without any knowledge of web development. It is a popular hosting service that has millions of users across the world.


Undoubtedly, Wix also uses React Native for its development. The team has developed Wix using the framework with very little development time and achieved a great output. It is now popular in many countries because of its effective user experience in creating websites for people's business and services. It is now one of the apps highly benefited by React Native.


So in this article, we've seen how the products are benefited and how progressively they have grown by implementing React Native for their applications.


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