Why should one use the Django framework for Secure Development(Website, REST API and more)?

By StartxLabs
Date 12-10-18
Why should one use the Django framework for Secure Development(Website, REST API and more)?
" Why should one use the Django framework for Secure Development(Website, REST API and more)?"

Are you looking for the best language to develop applications that can match your trendy business needs? You must then opt the most popular programming language of this era of digital explosion, which you can use for the development of websites, business applications, cutting-edge technologies like AI or Data Analytics or anything you require.


There are so many languages that are used for different purposes. Python is one of the most popular languages among developers. Interestingly, Python language is nothing new. It is there in the market quite a long time now. The first implementation of Python started in 1989, and the most stable release of the language was made in 2008, which is Python 3.0. From there, it was no look back. It grew sharp from 2008 till date regarding usage and popularity.



We can see a sharp rise in the language popularity from 2012 to 2018 compared to other programming languages, thanks to the frameworks introduced.


Among the many frameworks available for Python Language, Django is the best choice. We’ll talk about the advantages of using Django framework in this article. Before, jumping into it, let's learn what Django framework is all about.


What is Django Framework?

Django is an open source, robust and effective framework and used by some of the most prominent websites across the world. Therefore, this framework is thoroughly tested by them before using, which is one of the advantages that counts. It is also used by Social media platforms like Pinterest, Spotify, Instagram and more. Django framework is used to build websites on different verticals across the industries.



From the chart, we can depict the popularity of the Django framework for the different type of applications. As a developer, the ability to use the Django framework is most probably one of the best things about the Python language. It allows you to model your code classes and domain. Also, with the Django framework, you already have an ORM. So, you can shift your focus entirely on building your interface and improve the performance of the application.


When to use Django Framework?

Django is built to promote faster development and practical coding. Like any other programming language framework, Django offers various components which are needed for the successful development of web applications. It allows the developers to keep their focus on the things that are unique to the business and the application. Therefore, the developers do not have to waste their time on repeated everyday tasks.


You can choose Django in the cases where -

  • You want to build an application that is highly customizable and interactive.

  • You want to build an application high on security

  • You want to create an application when you are going to develop applications that have highly complex functionalities and can handle infinite numbers.

  • You want to create a whole application with a single robust and scalable framework


5  Advantages of using the Django framework for Python Development

We have already talked about the powerful framework and its utility. Now there are many advantages of Django framework over others when you want to make a high-end web application. Here are the five most significant advantages to choose Django framework over others -


  • Power of Python

Django itself is written in Python language and also built for it. Python is easy to learn, simple yet very powerful language. It uses English like language as syntax. Therefore, it is perfect for the beginners as well as professionals equally. Here we can add an example of a simple line of code in Java and in Python to see the difference in syntax simplicity.


In Java:

public class Main{

public static void (String[] args){

System.out.println(“Hello World”);




In Python:

Print (“Hello World”)


We have to write four lines of code with high in the syntax for printing Hello World in Java, but we have written just one line of code in Python.


  • Security

Django, as well as Python, provides high security for your application code. It encapsulates and hides the source code of the websites. It protects against SQL injections, XSS, clicks highjacking, CSRF attacks and more vulnerabilities. Django offers better security than PHP language or other frameworks.


  • Flexibility and Scalability

The most significant advantage of using Django lies in its scalability. It can handle the massive pressure of increasing traffic and can manage as many users as you require. It scales up according to accommodate your increasing business needs minimizing your costing by reducing the need for developing your website again. The majority of the services can host it, and the price of hosting it is relatively cheaper than the other frameworks.


Django is also a very flexible and customizable framework. You can import any class you need for this framework, and it works well with this.


  • Support and Community

The best thing about the Django framework is the active community behind Django and Python. The Django Software Foundation governs Django framework, and have strong regulations about maintaining a healthy and robust community around the framework and coding using it.


You can get much documentation for Django online from the official websites and Django tutorials from the developers' community. You'll get quick start details, detailed release notes, backward incompatible changes, discussions on queries and topic online in discussion forums of Django developers.

  • Batteries Included Philosophy

Django also follows the "Batteries Included" philosophy to provide a vast range of components, features, and functionalities for a developer to start with the web development faster than any other frameworks. Features include ORM, multi-language and multi-site support, MVC architecture, RSS and Atom feeds, Ajax support, Code Layout, easiest data migration, free APIs, HTTP and template libraries and more.


How is Django different than other frameworks?

We'll be drawing a comparison between few of popular frameworks with Django. We are not saying that Django is superior to all of them as they all have their uses and features that awe their users. Here we'll be seeing what the situations where you should use Django over these frameworks as it will work better in those situations are.


Django Vs. Flask

Both Django and Flask are very flexible and amazing frameworks. However, they differ in scalability and complexity handling. In micro web development projects where the application functionalities are simpler and straightforward, Flask will be the best choice. Django on the other hand aim at handling complex requirements and scalable web application development. For example, a social media site, where the number of the users cannot be fixed and can become 100 to millions. Django provides best development opportunities for these type of applications well.


Ruby on Rail vs. Django

Ruby on Rail is itself a robust and well-designed framework which own s the beauty and power of Ruby language. Rails and Django are comparatively similar regarding learning, community support, ease of use and scalability. Django exceeds Rails when you'll examine the security features of both the frameworks. Also, the Django framework is speedier than the Rails framework.


Django vs. Laravel

Laravel is a PHP based framework which indeed a compelling language. Also, laravel allows the developers to build any web application they like from a simple website to a social networking site with ease and support. Django is better when it comes to ease of coding for the developers. It uses the DRY(Don't Repeat Yourself) principle concerning writing codes. Also, any missing plugin can be easily added through an external app to Django, which is the excellent flexibility of this framework.


There are many Python frameworks available similar to Django like - Flask, Web2Py, CherryPy, TurboGears, Bottle, Newvow, Nagare Python Paste and more. Among these frameworks, Django is the most powerful, flexible, accessible and scalable framework with tremendous community support. Although there are cons as well as this framework, when it comes to finishing a project within a strict deadline, Django is the best. With Django, development cost can be reduced dramatically, and it can be speeded up more with custom user model cab installed. There are many examples of high-end projects with Python and Django providing a rich and stable solution for them.


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