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  • StartxLabs provides a comprehensive variety of data analytics and consulting services to assist businesses of any size and data maturity level gain a competitive advantage via data-driven insights.
  • Businesses' data and analytics skills are under increased pressure as a result of the need to collect data and capitalize on its advantages. We assist customers in developing contemporary data analytics architectures, evolving into insight-driven organizations through data management and Agile BI systems and processes, and enabling artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science as a data analytics consulting company.
Why Us?
Analytics as a Service (AaaS)
You utilize a completely specialized cloud analytics platform created and managed by StartxLabs as part of a subscription fee to do data analysis.
Managed data analysis
Our data analysts gather and analyze your data to provide you with rapid one-time or ongoing analytics insights.
Data analytics consulting
Our consultants advise you on planning, developing, deploying, and enhancing a customized data analytics solution. They also assist you in selecting the best data analytics approach.
Data analytics implementation
To meet your present data analytics demands and scale up as they increase, we build and install an analytics system with the fundamental features. Such components like DWH, OLAP cubes, data visualization, data science, big data components, etc. may be included in your data analytics solution.
Data analytics modernization
To maximize ROI and satisfy new data analytics requirements, we assist in upgrading the current data analytics system.
Data management services
To coordinate your procedures for data collection, storage, access, security, analysis, etc., we put in place a strong data management framework.

Challenges Your Organization Will likely face

Many businesses that have a dedicated analytics setup, staff, and infrastructure find it difficult to turn complicated data into a competitive advantage. Users in these businesses typically have business difficulties related to either technology efficiency, operational efficiency, or a mix of both. The first cause relates to the limitations and flaws of legacy data analytics systems, while the second is characterized by a lack of coordination between business users and the IT department, which has traditionally been in charge of data analytics and reporting.

For these issues,StartxLabs provides a wide range of data management consulting services and solutions.Numerous successful data projects and happy clients attest to our ability.

Our Services
Data integration and data warehousing
  • Extract, transform, load (ETL) or extract, load, transform (ELT) design and implementation.
  • Data governance (data security, quality, availability, etc.) implementation.
  • Developing and implementing data warehouses and data marts.
Data science
  • Data preparation and management.
  • Development and tuning of machine learning (ML) (including deep learning) models.
  • Development and tuning of data mining models.
  • Designing and implanting artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.
  • Image analysis software development.
Data visualization
  • Interactive dashboarding.
  • Custom and pre-built visuals.
  • Different types of visualization techniques (symbol maps, line charts, bar charts, pie charts, etc.)
Big data
  • Big data infrastructure setup and support.
  • Big data quality and security management.
  • Big data capture, analysis and reporting.
Self-service BI
  • Design and implementation of data analytics and business intelligence infrastructure.
  • Analytics querying and reporting on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis.
  • Natural language user interface.

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