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Become a leading brand by leveraging our development and consultancy services to develop impactful high-quality, secure, cost-effective cross-platform applications.

Bring your ideas into reality by guiding you through each stage of the journey
We at StartxLabs, develop cross-platform mobile apps that provide a consistent user experience so that your clients will have the same dynamic experience whether they use an Android phone, an iPhone, an iPad, or even a laptop. We have professional app developers who have years of expertise working on platforms like Configure.IT, Ionic, React Native, and Xamarin.
Why Us ?
We offer expertise in all aspects of cross-platform development, including technical viability, requirements gathering, coding, testing, and UX/UI.

Innovative Approach with focus on your business goals and user experience

A decade of experience in Android App development

50+ team of highly knowledgeable experts with extensive skills

Excellent Custom App Development Services.

Multiple Domains served

Robust project management

Best integration process and security management

We are capable of meeting the needs of our clients since our expertise spans a variety of cross-platform technologies.

  • React Native
  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin
  • Titanium
  • Ionic
  • HTML5
  • Flutter
  • Sencha
Our Services
Count on us for all your Android application needs, starting from strategic planning, development, and testing, to deployment, and maintenance.
App Consulting, UI UX & Development

Our staff of skilled developers is aware of your business requirements and can offer strategic advice on developing apps for cross-platform experiences.

In order to maintain uniformity across platforms and make sure that the program has aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly functionality.

We create unique cross-platform applications that make use of touch, gesture, and a native appearance and feel while utilizing platform-specific capabilities.

App Migration

We provide knowledge across a variety of frameworks to migrate your application from one platform to another, doing away with any complications.

App Support & Upgrade

To guarantee reliable and excellent performance, we offer comprehensive cross-platform app support and maintenance.

Upgrade services to guarantee that your app complies with the most recent cross-platform development updates

What we Offer

Thinking Designs

Information is gathered by our design consultants and professionals to develop user stories that result in fluid visual experiences and increase consumer engagement.

Enterprise Apps

Cross-platform enterprise mobility solutions that are reliable and scalable and come with strong analysis panels, advanced administration panels, and other features

Develop once & Deploy

Create an app once, and it will function optimally on several operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

Custom Android App Development

Cross-platform desktop apps with lots of features that let your company interact with and reach a wider audience. Cross-platform mobile apps that are available on demand and equipped with geolocation, map integration, digital POD, mobile scanner, and other capabilities

E-Commerce Apps

Full-featured e-commerce applications that can operate on several platforms and include all of the fundamental e-commerce functions

Multimedia Apps

Build mobile entertainment and multimedia apps that can be used across a wide variety of mobile devices to reach the largest audience.

Social Network Apps

Robust social network applications that link a large user base across platforms and devices allow businesses to expand their reach.

Field Force Apps

Applications for mobile devices and tablets that track sales forces in the field, including employee attendance, location, and report tracking.

Business Apps

Cross-platform custom apps that are equipped with the proper capabilities to meet a business's requirements and problems

Industries we serve
Automotive & Transportation
Banking & Finance
Education & E-Learning
Health & Fitness
Home Services and Utilities
Manufacturing & logistics
Real Estate
Restaurants & Hospitality
Shopping & E-commerce
Social Networking
Hire a Dedicated Team of Experts

Android is used on a wide range of devices with varying dimensions, developing a scalable Android application necessitates a thorough understanding of the entire ecosystem as well as best practices.

We have a team of full-fledged, efficiently managed & meticulously set up android development experts who have a proven track record of success in developing high-ranking Android apps and handling end-to-end delivery of your IT project.

Hire experts image
Tools & Technologies we use
Flutter technology stack
Flutter SDK
Build Runner
Development tools
Android studio
Network and processing
Json Serializable
Our Process


Analyzing business needs, coming up with a company plan, and clearly defining goals


Design and development of cross-platform, iOS, and Android applications


When developing products, we use both automated and human testing to ensure the best possible product quality.


As a cross-platform development firm, we assist with the acquisition of accounts necessary for the distribution of apps to the market.

Support  and Maintenance

If a client reports any defects, problems are dealt with and troubleshooting is done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are cross-platform mobile apps?Minus button

Mobile apps that work across several platforms are those that support various mobile operating systems. As a result, cross-platform app development is a wise decision for companies looking to save time and money.

How much will it cost and how long will it take to develop a cross-platform app?Minus button

A cross-platform app's complexity and required features will determine how much it will cost and how long it will take to develop. Of course, the cost and labor hours required to create more complex software will increase. We develop an estimate for the clients after fully comprehending their needs and goals. Once we start working on a project, we make sure it is finished on time and within the allotted budget.

Will I be able to get to review my app as it is being developed?Minus button

Yes, We will provide a prototype of the App, and during the development process, you will be able to track progress according to milestones.

Will iOS and Android features be supported by cross-platform apps?Minus button

The most recent, intricate, and frequently incompatible features of iOS and Android devices are supported by the apps we create.

Which cross-platform app development tools are the most widely used?Minus button

A variety of tools are useful for developing cross-platform apps. The well-known ones consist of: PhoneGap Titanium Appcelerator Xamarin Ionic Sencha Touch React Native Flutter
Our featured projects
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