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Our Comprehensive Solution
  • We, at StartxLabs, closely collaborate with QA & testing teams to ensure quicker delivery and higher ROI Exceptional performance engineering services and assist you in digitizing your business in the most strategic, economical, and scalable way possible with intelligent and automated QA procedures.
  • In order to improve release cycles, shorten QA deadlines, and provide organizations a competitive edge, our Quality Engineering Services team makes use of the benefits of AI, DevOps, Automation, and other technological breakthroughs.

Why Us?

Agile-Team Oriented Approach

A team of skilled QA engineers that are proficient in the most recent testing and automation tools and frameworks

Proven Process & Methodologies

To promote test optimization and problem-solving from the beginning; AI accelerators for quick product delivery with improved coverage and quality assurance

Well-Defined Strategies

Strategic direction to establish appropriate and dependable quality objectives and guarantee that all customer-facing apps adhere to performance requirements

Extensive Knowledge

Knowledge of selecting and utilizing the appropriate technologies (including automation) and tools to facilitate the timely production of high-quality releases free of vulnerabilities

In-Depth Hands-on Experience

A decade of design and execution of quality assurance experience talent acknowledged by several top analysts.

40% Reduced QA Costs

Automated performance testing is combined with effective IT solutions to speed up test case execution and save operational expenses.

100% Test Coverage

Correct test coverage is supported by test-driven development, test environment management, and static code analysis.

Global Delivery Model

Global clients are served using an onshore, offshore, nearshore, and remote service strategy.

Faster Time-to-Market

The use of test automation and reusable test repositories to shorten testing cycle times.

Zero Defect Leakage

Automated unit testing deployment to reduce the number of defects discovered during the SDLC

Why Quality Assurance Matters?
When the first project requirements are determined, Quality Assurance (QA) activities should begin concurrently or even before development. QA operations are essential to the success of any project. It takes time to establish test plans and conduct extensive continuous testing during each QA step. Time must be set aside at the conclusion of each step for testing during stabilization, regression, and post-deployment.
Being internal product owners and possessing the requisite system knowledge to guarantee fully functional testing on the one hand, and development team experience on the other, is another crucial job of quality assurance engineers.
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Our Process

Sprint Planning

The QA team establishes the requirements and specifies the acceptance criteria for the story in collaboration with the business analysts.

Story Kick-off

The developers, BA, and QA teams hold a thorough conversation to determine the story's scope and to rank pertinent test scenarios during this key review step.

Test Scenarios Creation

The QA team starts by gathering test data, determining the human and automated test scenarios, and then outlining the procedures for putting them into practice.

Automated Test Scenario Implementation

We employ enterprise-grade tools and software for effective implementation and adhere to best practices for test automation, therefore lowering the margin of error with each iteration.

Story Testing

Testing for usability and exploratory purposes is performed now to replicate software end-user functioning and check for defects in critical scenarios.

Automation Test Execution

Numerous automated tests are run across the CI/CD deployment pipeline throughout each iteration which  allows for faster issue discovery and fixes, and shorter product delivery turnaround times.

Release Testing

The build is evaluated in a real-world production setting for anticipated performance and functionality to rigorously test for quality while also ensuring that all the standards are appropriately satisfied.

Sprint Demo

The stakeholders assemble at this point for a high-level overview of the product. The QA team learns about any new requirements or expectations based on what has been accomplished thus far through client feedback.

Automation Test Maintenance

The automated tests must be updated right away whenever the system's status changes. For greater maintainability, speed, and more focused automation, the team must rework these tests on a regular basis.

Our Services

We define the mission set our goals and plan the upcoming test activities.
Risk Modelling
Identifying performance architecture-related issues and ensuring that efforts are effectively targeted
Analysis & Design
Creating and ranking test scenarios in accordance with the story's acceptance criteria
User-Experience Performance Testing
Assess the user's experience with page speed and provide a thorough evaluation of web and mobile optimization.
Implementation & Execution
We perform manual test execution and develope automated test scripts and do test environment maintenance, logging test execution results
Continual Performance Testing
Testing at each level of the development of new features with the express objective of quickly identifying performance issues
Evaluating Exit Crtieria & Reporting
We review failed tests and either create bug or update test and perform test closure activities.
By decreasing time to market, you may increase your return on investment. Utilize the test automation framework  to automate testing more cheaply.
Integration Load Testing
Regression testing methods focused on end-user scenarios that were similar to those in production.
Data Engineering Services
Considering how to make the appropriate test data available for all possible circumstances and environments
Early Load Testing
Rapid detection of load and performance-related issues to provide quick fixes
Service Virtualization
Creating virtualized versions of third-party services and data to provide comprehensive automation and functional testing
Unit Testing
Assisting developers find performance bottlenecks to help them maintain higher-quality applications.
Agile/DevOps Transformation
By testing goods and services with several consumers on the same platform or device combination, it is possible to ensure a smooth user experience.
Our Offerings
Automation Testing
  • By automating the software testing process, human intervention may be minimized along with the associated time, effort, labor, and cost.
  • Businesses can automate regression testing, provide rapid and reliable performance findings, and see their way to a quicker product release with the option to execute numerous rounds of test scripts.
Performance Testing
  • We conduct thorough baseline, endurance, and load testing after specifying performance and monitoring parameters to identify any potential system flaws.
  • Performance issues have a direct influence on users' expectations and brand and product loyalty. Before the product is delivered to the final user, the flaws are rectified thanks to our superb end-to-end testing services.
Regression Testing
  • Regression testing makes assurance that modifications and upgrades are made without affecting the system's current level of quality.
  • Bug fixes, improvements, patches, new features, etc., can all have a detrimental effect on the software.
  • To reduce such concerns, we run automated test cases, create change reports, and carry out risk assessments with wide code coverage.
Functional Testing
  • Software behavioral testing ensures that issues are found and corrected as soon as possible with the goal of giving the best end-user functioning.
  • Several usability test cases are carried out once the functional specifications and business scenarios are developed.
  • Based on the results and user comments, the essential functionality is verified and improved.
Security Testing
  • Customer loyalty and trust are based on the security of software and systems. Governance problems or data leaks can cause businesses to experience expensive legal snags.
  • Our experience in security testing is in locating weaknesses and carrying out root-cause analyses to build solid systems that are secure against malicious malware and security breaches.
Metrics used by us for functional testing
Automated Testing Metrics
This metric shows how well the deployed automated testing method and associated efforts and products have performed in the past, present, and future. Unit test automation, integration test automation, and system test automation are further ways to distinguish it.
Test Case Metrics
By displaying the proportion of test cases that were performed with a pass, fail, or blocked result, % of test case execution shows how testing is progressing. By test type, phase tested, and/or functional area, the test case pass rate shows how many tests have passed.
Defect Metrics
Trend analysis helps assess the effectiveness of testing and the status of defect resolution by showing the number of open or unsolved faults by date. The amount of problems broken down by severity level is shown under Defects by Severity. The quantity of errors at each stage reveals the effectiveness of the solution.
Requirements Metrics
Show the proportion of tests that have at least one corresponding prerequisite. The degree of test coverage for the requirements is determined by this statistic.

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