UI/UX Design

Application designs

Device agnostic website and mobile


We focus on solving problems and we take a creative approach. By focusing on peoples' needs first, we drive value to end users as well as positive business impact.

Our creative experts at StartxLabs understands your idea and build the most user-friendly UX and UI designs for mobile and web products. To create great experiences with positive business impact, our design strategies hinge on understanding your business and customer's needs.

Our human-centred approach to design and creative team is the reason many companies prefer our UX/UI expertise. If your existing design is not delivering the required results and you want to change it, you can consult us. We'd love to talk to you and work together.

Our design process comprises the following major components:

  • Understanding and Exploration.
  • Design Research and Synthesis.
  • Content Strategy and Architecture.
  • Experience and Interface design.
  • Prototyping and Validation testing.
  • Visual Creative and Visual Design.

We provide

Branding and Design

Users should be able to identify your app from just a glance. We create brand-oriented app designs that leave an impact.

User Experience Consulting

Finding feature sets is the easy part, but arranging them in a limited space is not. Don't worry, we will handle these tough jobs for you.

Interface Design

We are experts in developing high-performance, intuitive, and device agnostic User Interface designs using pre-built tools and custom code.


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