/ StartxLabs is an Intelligent recruitment, automation platform
StartxLabs team provided experienced software engineers on contract to speed up the development of products and collaborate with the in-house team for the Indian HR platform development in the HR & recruitment industry. Our team resulted in an ecosystem of web and mobile application development for recruitment professionals and agencies. This human resource case study shows how team augmentation helped to ship products in the market without waiting to build the in-house team and solve the fast technical team scaling problems.
Total PROJECT duration:
Sept 2022 - now
Involved Team:
6 members
Banglore, India
Travel, Transportation & Hospitality Recruitment & Staffing
Hire Dedicated developers, Mobile Application Development Hybrid Apps, Web Application Development, Django, MERN Stack Development
The Client is a startup building to revolutionize the recruitment industry for all different verticals. They are working to change the way the Indian workforce ecosystem works. It’s an Intelligent recruitment, automation platform for employers, recruitment agencies, staffing agencies, and freelance recruiters in India.
Challenge had to make their product market-ready and keep building new features that needed them to increase their software engineering team. Finding a quality culture fit candidate, interview process, onboarding, and training take 3 - 6 months which was impossible to consider to solve their demand of having more software engineers onboard.
Process followed for Staff Augmentation
The StartxLabs understood's vision and requirements. As we provide team augmentation service, we offered the same to With our smooth, flexible team augmentation process they did the screening process and onboarded shortlisted engineers for their product development on a retainer basis.’s Real Gain with Staff Augmentation
Flexibility in workforce scaling
Cost-effective hiring solution
Reduce scope of risk
Reduced recruitment burden
Focus on core competencies
Faster time to Market
Focus on market research and development
Having an extended team helped to keep the focus on market research and continued development. The HR and recruitment industry in India is deep and highly dynamic
Shorten the delivery timeline for new features deployment
With the help of the extended team, product development took pace and more sprints got delivered.


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