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Deskless Productivity Starts with Zinier
The StartxLabs team collaborated with the Zinier product team to develop their Android mobile App. The Zinier product team is distributed across the globe. It was a totally fresh experience to work with global team and field services industry experts. We followed Jira to do agile development and used Slack as the communication tool.
10 months
Total PROJECT duration:
April 2016 - Sept 2017
Involved Team:
2 members
California, USA
Retail & Distribution (Fleet Management) Marketing and Advertising (Real time analytics)
Mobile Application Development
The Client
ZINIER is a cloud-based platform helping retailers efficiently track and manage store operations, communicate effectively with store staff, and improve the customer experience. ZINIER HQ App enables you to verify operational compliance at the store level to ensure a consistent retail experience for all your customers. The ZINIER platform helps you implement and validate corporate operations strategy, giving you visibility and peace of mind at each location, no matter your size.
The Ziner team was building diskless productivity software that enables the service team to focus on the installation and maintenance of better execution in the field. The Android app development core feature was assigning tasks, managing, and updating its status. Location-based tracking was one of the important features. The StartxLabs team worked for 10 months to shape the first version of the Zinier mobile app.
The StartxLabs team worked on the product development with the Ziner team to collaborate on its mobile app development. Our technical experts understood the business requirements, goal, and technical working of the product. We utilized our expertise to develop functional mobile apps as per product requirements. We performed API and UI implementation. 
Task management and allocation
Tasks can be assigned to the field staff and tracked
Customer Digital sign
Field person can get signatures done instantly to close the task as he completes the assigned task from his end.
View on map and keep location in sync
Users can view tasks on maps and plan their day. He can update the task status with his location.
Offline access
While working in the field they can take advantage of offline access and without any technical hindrance, they can perform their duty and update tasks status. It gets synced automatically as soon as the network is available.
Reduction in driving mileage
 Improvement in SLA compliance
Increase in technician productivity
Reduction in the total cost of ownership


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