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StartxLabs became a full-service tech & design partner and provided Ztelco with RingPlan Voice mobile apps and desktop app that stands out among dozens of similar products in a highly competitive market. In addition to standard functions such as VoIP audio and video calls, and group calls we introduced advanced automation custom sequence of tasks execution, voice mails, instant messaging, Fax and with an option to explore facilities nearby, and more. There are now more than 5000 active enterprise customers across various industries using softphones who transition from desk phones.
MVP delivered:
24 months
Total PROJECT duration:
June 2020 - Ongoing
Involved Team:
14 members
California, USA
Media & Entertainment Communication
Mobile, Web App Development
The Client
Ztelco is a USA-based well-established Internet and telecom provider that facilitates enterprises and individuals with robust, reliable, and affordable Internet and phone service. Ztelcom was founded in 2004 and only ten years after the company was founded, it was named one of the ten fastest-growing businesses in San Diego, and it continues to grow throughout Southern California. ZTelco’s growth has earned its leader the San Diego Business Journal’s nomination for Top Tech CEO several years in a row and again in 2019. ZTelco is at the forefront of innovation. Customers can take advantage of our centralized phone system, RingPlan™.StartxLabs build strategic Partnerships with Ztelco for superior cloud-based platforms.
Ztelco does not have an in-house softphone system. During the pandemic, the Covid-19 Ztelco team realized the urgent need and benefit of having in-house software so employees of their clients can work from anywhere. They came up with the RingPlan Voice VoIP-based software for which technical solution architecture and UI UX design have to be developed for all Desktop OS and all popular mobile OS and Web platforms.
The StartxLabs team did market research about the telecom industry, market needs, and direction and prepared a strategy for the development of RingPlan Voice Apps. After the initial stage of R&D, we shared the proposed solution with the Ztelco team and once it was approved we worked on wireframes for respective applications. Considering the application's complexity we went the extra mile to keep UI UX simple, consistent across all platforms, and highly optimized for end users.
UI UX for RingPlan Voice iOS And Android Apps
Users can make VoIP calls, and conference calls, see call history, and messaging, send and listen to voicemails, Fax, and manage contacts.
Calling Screens UI
Conference Call Screens
Android UI UX Designs
UI UX for RingPlan Voice Desktop Apps
RingPlan Voice Desktop app had all features of a RingPlan mobile app and additionally, it has Sidecar as an automation feature that allows users to create customized sequences of events that can be executed with a single tap or click. This saved a lot of time and resources to do repeated work.
Reduce Wait Times Navigating Interactive Responders and Call Menus
RingPlan saves your team valuable time by turning long wait times, navigating complex call menus, into the push of a single button. Simply program your automation sequence and let it navigate the call menu for you every time you make the call.
A Business Automation System for Your Phone Calls
Tired of managing repetitive call tasks? Contact our business solutions experts and explain your problem. They can explain different ways Sidecar can help.
UI UX for RingPlan Voice Webphone website
RingPlan Voice Webphone has all features on the website including VoIP calls, messages, sidecar, etc.
Accept calls from extensions or phones, listen to voice emails, connect softphones in conference calls.
Watch extensions, program calls, control features.
Seamless messaging with any user using multiple soft numbers.
Send, receive, schedule, view, download faxes.
Increased Industry wise coverage
With the softphone for all platforms, Ztelco tremendously increased its reach to customers.
Increase in enterprise customer base
A huge gain in enterprise customer base was achieved by promoting solutions for all platforms under a single roof with proven customer support.
Ease of Installation
Softphone-made installation and onboarding very fast
Power to consumers
Ztelco team gave the bundle of important features with RingPlan Apps which are impossible to provide with desk phones that gave more power to its users.


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