Laravel Application Development
Elevate Your Business to new heights of success with secure, scalable, and easy-to-maintain robust, feature-rich Laravel web and mobile applications
StartxLabs provides cutting-edge Laravel development services to build solutions that exactly meet the needs of our clients.
Our highly-experienced developers can build everything from straightforward applications to intricate CMS for eCommerce websites. We have a top-notch infrastructure that offers us an advantage when it comes to creating and completing Laravel-based projects of any scale. We have offered full PHP web development services that include the conceptualization, design, creation, testing, and upkeep of user-friendly online applications.
Why Us ?
We have a team of skilled Laravel full-stack developers who can meet all project requirements, such as design, coding, and testing with a successful track record. They work with a proven methodology that focuses on adhering to quality standards and outcome within specified timelines, which motivates us to present solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients from a variety of industries.

Innovative Approach with a focus on your business goals and user experience

A decade of experience in Android App development

50+ team of highly knowledgeable experts with extensive skills

On Time Delivery

Instinctive Admin Panel

100+ Laravel Web Apps

Robust project management

Search-Engine friendly solution

Excellent Custom Django Development Services

Best integration process and security management

Business Oriented Solution

End-to-End Support and Maintenance

Our Services

Custom Web Development

Websites and Laravel web apps that are specifically tailored to corporate needs.

CMS Development

Solutions for Laravel CMS that are robust and feature-rich and have an attractive, intuitive interface.

E-Commerce Development

Shopping carts that are both aesthetically pleasing and packed with features simplify clients' online shopping experiences

Mobile App Development

The Laravel Lumen backend for the mobile app has distinctive features like big data connection.

Theme Development

Solutions for integrating and designing attractive Laravel themes that can increase conversions

Maintenance and Support

Consistent upkeep and support to guarantee Laravel application performance after deployment

Restful APIs development

RESTful APIs allow you to communicate with various third parties, such as mobile devices, to reach your audience.

Laravel CRM development

Our Laravel Web development services and Laravel developers create highly functioning and feature-rich Laravel CRM apps.

Migration Services

Reliable migration services that allow for easy switching from Laravel platform versions to new versions

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Laravel extension development

Our team of Laravel developers constructs e-commerce or payment extensions by researching the unique Laravel package development needs.

Third-Party API Integrations

Services for integrating third-party APIs to increase the functionality of already-existing Laravel web apps.

Extension Development

Customized Laravel extensions that provide new functionality to the current web apps

Laravel enterprise solutions

Our Laravel Enterprise solutions are specifically designed for major enterprises and MNCs, which will greatly benefit your company and provide it with a competitive edge.

Why choose Laravel development ?

OpenSource Platform

Using the MVC architecture, the open-source PHP framework Laravel creates online applications.

Inbuilt Features

The creation of web applications with Laravel provides you with a wealth of practical built-in capabilities, like dependency containers, service layers, and template engine

Composer based MVC

The MVC framework used by Laravel offers greater documentation, improved speed, and a number of built-in functions.

Faster Development

The modular intuitive packaging mechanism greatly accelerates and simplifies the creation of Laravel applications.


The ORM offers the simplest methods for connecting to the database. By concentrating on an object-oriented approach, it facilitates and expedites the development process.

Systemized Coding

This PHP web application framework provides systematized scripting along with simple monitoring and maintenance thanks to distinct files for SQL codes.

Routing Management

The process of routing involves developing a request URL for a web application. The URL is human-readable and SEO-friendly, which is the nicest part.

Unit Testing

The Laravel framework has trustworthy unit testing capabilities that provide rapid and accurate fault discovery in order to prevent regressions

Highly Secure

Before going live, a web application has to be carefully protected. And Laravel lessens exposure

Flexible Migration

Laravel web apps and sites may be deployed and migrated easily, smoothly, and with flexibility thanks to version control for database schemas.

Supports Cache Handlers

Cache management is included in Laravel. The cache is a method of saving data for later use that speeds up how quickly apps operate.

Easy Query Rebuilding

A query builder that offers a collection of classes and methods for creating queries programmatically makes it simple to rebuild queries

PHP Community Supported

In the event of any issue or thread, the Laravel community unites everyone to support and advocate for one another.

Industries we serve
Automotive & Transportation
Banking & Finance
Education & E-Learning
Health & Fitness
Home Services and Utilities
Manufacturing & logistics
Restaurants & Hospitality
Social Networking
Sports & Recreation
Travel & Tourism
Hire a Dedicated Team of Experts

Hire a team of dedicated Laravel developers from StartxLabs to get your web application on the web to leverage flexible engagement models that are cost-effective, time-saving, and efficient and take your business to new heights. Our team of IT experts is here to modernize your company with cutting-edge technology!

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Tools & Technologies we use
Laravel Vapor
Laravel Shift
Our Process

Requirement gathering

We carefully consider your Laravel website development needs and objectives to fully comprehend your company's operations and your team's expectations.


Following a thorough grasp of your Laravel app development requirements, we assess them and look for the most practical approaches to carry out your project.


An economical and effective project execution plan will be created by our Laravel development team. This aids in our decision-making on the necessary actions and the timeframe for project completion.

Design and Develop

To create Laravel websites and apps that are intuitive, responsive, SEO-friendly, and bug-free, our skilled web designers and developers will collaborate.

Test and Deliver

We use both human and automated testing methods to ensure that your product is flawless and free of bugs. We only give solutions that are fully functioning and error-free.

Support and Maintenance

We provide after-sale support and maintenance services as a full-service Laravel development company to keep your Laravel websites and apps operational at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages does Laravel application development offer?Minus button

The following are some advantages of choosing Laravel web application development services:

  1. More scalable application development because it makes use of components from other frameworks, it takes less time to develop.
  2. Numerous functionality, like database migration, database seeding, scheduling, notifications, queuing, etc., are available with Laravel.
  3. Laravel includes a command-line interface that streamlines the creation of apps.
  4. It runs on a modular system and offers a tonne of free functionality. They let developers create apps rapidly and with a minimal amount of code.
  5. There is no longer a need to create test procedures for every new activity thanks to the built-in testing mechanism in the PHP web application framework.

Why is Laravel so well-liked?Minus button

The key characteristics that distinguish Laravel as one of the top PHP frameworks available are listed below: MVC architecture provides unparalleled performance and support. offers a command-line interface for incredibly straightforward and quick commands. engine for templates for outstanding page layouts An efficient object-relational mapper that streamlines application database interaction adequate built-in application testing capabilities.

What distinguishes Laravel from standard PHP?Minus button

It would be quite simple to mistakenly overwrite a file when writing plain PHP. Fortunately, you won't have to worry about that issue if you use Laravel. A few additional features included in the app will simplify the development process for you. By using these tools from the beginning, you can run automated tests throughout development to ensure that your code is as bug-free as possible. Continuous integration offers immediate feedback on any problems or opportunities for improvement as soon as they arise, rather than waiting days or weeks until a problem has crept into production, which helps keep bugs at bay.

What advantages do I stand to gain from a Laravel development company?Minus button

Hiring a Laravel development service provider is a great choice if you're ready to delegate the technical components of your project to someone else. Even if your project isn't tech-related, Laravel professionals are always there to help. They can also help you with any queries you may have about how technology functions and how to complete a task. Additionally, since the majority of engineers are accessible for talks via video conferencing and instant messaging applications, you won't need to worry about talking across great distances.

Can scalable application development be done with Laravel?Minus button

Yes, the code base of Laravel applications is very manageable and scalable. Laravel is the ideal option for creating applications of all shapes and sizes thanks to its distinctive module view controller architecture and packaging system. Furthermore, it's obvious that Laravel is a great foundation for scalable application development because many Laravel developer tools, including Homestead, Forge, and Valet, are built using it.
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