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StartxLabs offers its clients a variety of adaptable outsourcing models that are tailored to their individual needs.
The state of the market today necessitates flexibility in all areas. With the help of our attentive and distinctly outlined services, we hope to establish lasting connections with our clients and provide the best solutions. We have a passionate group of experts and professionals who make the finest-performing applications. You can select one or a combination of our several engagement models based on your needs. 
StreamlineX : The precision project partnership

The fixed cost model is best suited for small-scale, less complex, and medium-sized projects when prerequisites, details, and schedules will be specified prior to the commencement of the project development. The project's primary goals and deliverables are already set, in addition to the time and financial constraints. The most popular working model that our clients select is our Fixed Time & Cost model. With this technique, our clients can be certain that the project won't incur any further costs unless they add new functionality to the frozen documents.


  • A precise and defined scope
  • Decrease overall Time because of detailed requirement
  • Billing is carried out based on the specified milestones.
  • A thorough analysis of your business's operations and appropriate recommendations
  • Most efficient for smaller projects on mobile and web platforms
  • rompt completion of the project as first decided
  • P Take advantage of single bulk pricing.
  • Proper management of modification requests
We recognise that your goal is to make everyone's life easier, whether they are your customers, suppliers, partners, or employees, and we need to provide you with ways of accomplishing this.
StartxLabs Technologies is ideally situated to lead industry innovation. The company has created projects that are both cost-effective and high-quality. We are aware that you are looking for individuals that can thoroughly comprehend your issues and responsibly develop clever IT solutions.We have a team of dedicated solution providers who have years of experience in their particular industry and who provide you with the best solutions.
Partnerships we have built

Our team: marketing creatives, SEO, SEM, social media campaigns for FirstDoor Realty, a major player in real estate.

Our team collaborated with the Zinier product team to develop their Android mobile App. The Zinier product team is distributed across the globe

Our team partnered with BhodiSports founders to achieve their idea of measuring players' performance via cognitive tests.

Our team researched to explore the possible solution to optimize recruiting for recruiters.Job seekers can see all job openings on the Candid8 website.

We became a full-service tech & design partner and provided Ztelco with RingPlan Voice mobile apps and desktop app that stands out among dozens of similar products in a highly competitive market.

StartxLabs team developed UI/UX design for the Indian clean energy marketplace platform in the analysis and advisory industry.

StartxLabs team extended technical support to Contlo development in the initial stage for Web design and Reactjs technology stack.

Our team reviewed Edukhoj with its founders when its idea was just drafted.We brainstormed on the idea, its target audience, competitors & technical challenges.

We developed a cloud-based service deployed on Azure that sync filtered data between Bullhorn to ADP and Paylocity and vice versa.

A Constructor worker can buy an online course to train himself, and he can give an exam upon completion, on passing the exam he is awarded the certificate of completion.

Amar Ujala is a top Hindi news publisher in India. The Amar Ujala team reached its TV audience through its Amar Ujala TV App and provided its published content and live news via TV App.

StartxLabs team provided a promotional single-page website for Lightspring Energy to market their brand and respond to customers' inquiries

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